Didaco srl is the natural expression of business experience developed since 2003, in the field of logistics and business services.

Since 2003, and even more so since 2009, the year of incorporation of Didaco Srl, we have been in business to be a partner to companies looking to subcontract out their logistics needs.

In the picture: Marino Costadoni and Angelo Dallo

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Didaco can manage every step of the logistics cycle of goods, from warehousing to inventorying, cataloging, labeling and packing, including packaging and delivery.

We can offer our services at our locations and at the locations of the client, which will receive a service focused on the optimization of costs and procedures. In addition, temporary, periodical or occasional needs that companies develop as a result of the seasonality of their activities, market trends or differentiation in terms of goods handled, can be met by our company, thus removing the costs associated with a permanent structure to face any demand peaks.

Specifically for this reason, our logo brings forth our commitment to our daily work performed with a focus on "Personalized Logistics"

Our Staff

The two founding managers were able to join in synergy and constructively the experience they had gained in the field of logistics, services, marketing and sales.

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The common vision of the company management and the individual know-how contribute to make Didaco a partner capable to find the best solutions for our clients' needs.

Our operative teams are trained by keeping into account their individual skills and experience with the goal of obtaining the best results, in terms of work efficiency from a time stand point, quality results and cost effectiveness.

Didaco makes sure that all its employees work under optimal conditions and in compliance with all the safety regulations, undertaking to create a work environment capable to give value to the skills of every individual so that a relation based on a positive cooperation can be built and reflected in the performance of the logistics cycle, reinforcing the bond of trust between Didaco and its clients.


"Our mission is the realization of "Personalized Logistics" that has the primary goal of: understanding and meeting the requests of the client, however personalized and detailed they may be.

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All of this goes through the process of creating a strong partnership with our clients based on a constant dialog between the parties.

In fact, cooperation and client's satisfaction are our "business cards", the ones we want to use to introduce ourselves, fully aware that an effective management of logistics contributes to our improved image and that of the companies that rely on us.

Cooperating with high quality and responsibility in focus, in the search for personalized logistic solutions means creating synergies that integrate with the client's organization pursuing goals of reliability, flexibility and last but not least, cost effectiveness.

In addition, we are aware that a dedicated and professional commitment, aimed at achieving client satisfaction, following the constantly evolving needs of the market, cannot take place without high organizational flexibility, adequate personnel training, and quality of service and locations where the service is offered.

These values are an integral part of Didaco's management, influencing the daily or strategic choices, and they are shared by the entire staff and at every level and they become the bar by which we measure the operation of our business.


Working at Didaco there are 50 employees including workers and administrative personnel coordinated by directors

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All employees are trained about the importance of using the safety equipment provided by the company that monitors their use during operation. In addition, Didaco verifies that the workplaces are clean, comfortable and that prevention and safety regulations are applied.

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Didaco pays the same attention and care to the goods passing through or being stored at its warehouse, following procedures and methods that regulate their arrival, location, processing and shipping, such as picking activities that may require a second and, whenever necessary, even a third checking off, while the packing activity is subjected to different methods of quality control on the production performed.

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Didaco is equipped with a management software for the monitoring of the corporate activitiesstrong> that easily interfaces with all the client's computer platforms making the management of goods transparent and allowing remote access to one's stock.

Qualità Certificato

Attention to "Quality Control" has become almost intrinsically tied to the service offered and this led Didaco to obtain in 2015 the ( ISO 9001:2008 ) certification for its production plant in Via Ancona 30.