and Storage

Didaco makes available to its clients properly equipped spaces for stocking materials, with temperature control, video surveillance and alarm system for the entire warehouse.

In our warehouses the following activities are performed:

  • Receiving, control
    and merchandise stocking
  • Order management
  • Picking, packing and shipment preparation
Product storage

The products are stocked and efficiently organized in a safe and controlled space.

Interlocutore dedicato

The activities are carried out by Didaco personnel, and every client has a dedicated contact in the company with whom to organize and agree on activities or warehouse visits.

All the activities can be integrated with the client's information

  • Storage of non-perishable and non-animal origin foods
  • Secondary food packaging
  • Management of production lots and expiry dates of products, both in loading operations and order preparations


Didaco has a warehouse authorized for the storage and handling of non-perishable food products and dietary supplements in general.

The storages and the self-checking procedures meet the requirements of the the EU regulation 852/2004 on hygiene and conservation, and the personnel employed has received appropriate HACCP training.

and Processing

Didaco can provide packaging services, assembly, packing and labeling both completely outsourced, its warehouses, or also at the Customer's facilities.

The packaging can be manual, automatic or semi-automatic
with the use of the proper equipment.

Some activities currently carried out are:

  • Set-up and stocking of display stands for Pop.
  • Signage stand set-up.
  • Para-pharmaceutical products packaging kit.
  • Cosmetic packaging boxes.
  • Wrapping and thermo-shrinking.
  • Manual assembly.
  • Package opening with recovery of objects, fliers and gadgets.

We can efficiently provide assistance during the process of packaging of any non-food product, even when the size or shape is unusual.

The work also includes opening of packaging with recovery of objects, fliers and gadgets and other activities that require manual work.

Ink jet marking

Performed using the latest technology that allows for high productivity and quality levels, with attention also given to being environmentally friendly.

In fact, the machinery for the ink jet marking used makes the following possible:

  • Printing on different types of material
  • Printing on flat, concave, convex or irregular surfaces
  • Choice of character size and color
  • Character choice: Latin, Chinese, Japanese, etc.
  • One-dimensional and two-dimensional barcode printing
  • Ecological ink available

and Marking

Labeling of Products

Besides the classical manual labeling activities, we are able to perform personalized operations, for example: label cutout and positioning, achieving very high quality results thanks to the use of expert and precise manpower.

Also we rely on qualified companies in the field of printing and labeling production in oder to provide a complete service from labeling, based on the client's template, to positioning on the product.

and Shipping

For deliveries, Didaco uses:
national and international couriers
to meet the needs of traditional transportation, express or groupage Verified and selected independent carriers

Own transport for deliveries
for Milan and surrounding areas.

The activities related
to the transportation and shipping:

  • Waybills and vehicle loading.
  • Transport management.
  • Delivery tracking.
  • Detailed shipping

All activities are performed by and managed
by Didaco personnel, that directly works with the main
courier service.


The courier is selected based on a few parameters: delivery time, value and destination of merchandise, always working towards the best quality-price ratio.

All the activities can be integrated with the client's information systems.

and Reporting

Didaco offers logistical support to better organize inventory and reporting procedures, taking care to manage the entire work cycle: inventory preparation, physical inventory count, reconciliation and processing of reports.


  • Quick error detection and possibility to undertake corrective actions.
  • Outsourcing inventory allows the Client to better concentrate on running the core business.
  • Avoids interruptions of the working cycle.
  • Avoids recruiting personnel for inventory, which should not become an obstacle to the business activities.
  • Avoids lack of clear definition of cost and time for the inventory process.


  • Reducing obsolescence and stock remaining
  • Reducing inventory imbalances
  • Identifying products that are expired and discontinued
  • Optimizing the management of storage space

Other services Didaco offers:

  • Installation and construction of stands and office areas.
  • Secretarial services, document storage and documents delivery.
  • Moving and temporary storage.

Other Services

Always with the goal to provide valuable support to companies, Didaco is able to propose and carry out a series of closely personalized services and address the needs and characteristics of individual businesses.